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  1. 2018.06.09 해외 미술 잡지 'Theguideartist Magazinse' 4월호 표지,인터뷰

The Guide Artists 

Magazinse / ISSUE 2 / APRIL 2017

On The Cover & Interview 

해외 미술 잡지 'Theguideartist Magazinse' 4월호 표지에 실린 작품 'Blue Wish 2016' 과 인터뷰 내용  

서 승 은 🌺 

Artist. Seungeun Suh /aka Hibiscus

Homepage : http://hibiscus.kr/

Instagram :  www.instagram.com/seungeunsuhart

Facebook : www.facebook.com/seungeunsuhart

Tumblr : https://hibiscus-suh.tumblr.com/

Copyright ⓒ By Seungeun Suh All Pictures

 Unauthorized copying is not allowed.

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